Biography of Christine Marie

Christine Marie was born in Hell’s Kitchen, NY.   She credits her musical uncle for exposing her to many genres of music and also credits her father for taking her to Colony Records in Manhattan to buy them.

At first “Chrissy” was a singer in various school choruses and all-state choirs.  She also hit the stage in many high school and college musical productions. Her first gig as a singer in a band was as lead performer in a Classic Rock cover band.  She currently fronts an electrifying rock/dance cover group The CliQue  that is covering various locations! Visit The CliQue Here >>>>

A rocker by night, Chrissy is a high school/middle school Spanish teacher during the day.  In her class, she tries to incorporate music in her teaching practice as much as possible. Her students beam at the musical knowledge she has.

Her philosophy of music is simple, all music evolves and comes from somewhere in the soul of the artist.  It’s how open you are to it that gives you love, happiness and purpose to yourself and your audience.

Instruments of choice:

Acoustic/electric guitar (Ovation)

Korg PA 600


“Your show is amazing! I really enjoy listening to your voice and the selection of music sets is unique, yet feels so right! A special part of the show is your interaction with your audience and the appeal of the Band and band members. I look forward to attending your next show with friends.”


Lillian F.

“Chrissy started out in a band I played the drums for. I am not surprised to see her be successful as a solo artist, as her vocal talents have always been amazing. She is great at what she does, and what she does is entertain people with a wide range of music and songs. Anybody who has Chrissy come and play for them usually asks her to come back! “
Doc Lynch

“I really enjoyed watching you perform in your solo show. It was great. You are very professional and your voice is just amazing! Your song choices were perfect.  I also enjoyed your show with your band. It was also very professional and entertaining. I look forward to seeing you perform again soon.”
Debbie H

It’s always a pleasure to do video for you! I know A LOT of musicians and you are an example to learn from in many ways….Thanks for working so hard at what you love to do and for playing my favorite song ☺

D. Bessemer